The Accelerators Podcast

The One About Jobs

March 05, 2022 Season 1 Episode 10
The Accelerators Podcast
The One About Jobs
Show Notes

The Accelerators (Drs. Anna Laucis, Simul Parikh, and Matt Spraker) are joined by Drs. Jason Beckta, Emma Fields, Todd Scarborough, and Chirag Shah to discuss the #RadOnc job market.

Join us on an epic journey through the past, present, and future of the job market. We  cover the highly variable written record of the #RadOnc workforce, how patient volumes are changing with hypofractionation, and the what the market will look like in the future.

We close the show with a round robin on advice for young radiation oncologists heading into the field we all love. 

More information on the topics we discussed:

Podcast art generously donated by Dr. Danielle Cunningham


Dr. Zaorsky comments with a thread of threads, packed with more info for a deeper dive on #RadOnc facility/utilization.

Dr. Fuller tweets a deep pull from the archives.