The Accelerators Podcast

The MIRAGE Trial with Amar and Brett

January 26, 2023 The Accelerators Season 2 Episode 14
The Accelerators Podcast
The MIRAGE Trial with Amar and Brett
Show Notes

The Accelerators (Dr. Anna Brown, Matt Spraker, and Simul Parikh) host radiation oncologist Dr. Amar Kishan and Brett Sloman, Product Sales Director at Viewray, Inc.

On this episode, we discussed the newly resulted MIRAGE trial, a single-center phase III study of prostate target reduction using MR-guided stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) versus standard CT-guided SBRT.

Amar kicks off this in depth interview by reviewing the results, then we cover a range of topics and critiques that arose on the release of this trial.

What is the impact of industry influence? Can we shrink prostate target size using other technologies? Given that the outcomes included quality of life measures, should this have been a blinded study? 

Are commutes in LA really easier if you listen to The Accelerators Podcast? 

Here are some things that were mentioned during the show:

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