The Accelerators Podcast

ACROPOLIS Live! at #ACRO2023

March 17, 2023 The Accelerators Season 2 Episode 20
The Accelerators Podcast
ACROPOLIS Live! at #ACRO2023
Show Notes

Accelerator Dr. Matt Spraker hosts the first ever live #RadOnc podcast!

Drs. Todd Scarborough, Emma Fields, and Alexis Schutz join for this very special episode, recorded from the #ACRO2023 Afterparty in Orlando, Florida. We first discussed our love of ACRO, informal and collegial poster sessions, and our favorite parts of day 1 of the conference.

Then, we explored the elephant in the room, the radiation oncology workforce and job market. Todd reveals himself as part of Graypeace, authors of An Inconvenient Truth, a narrative that likens workforce trends in radiation oncology to global warming. We find that, recently, graduating residents are perceiving a strong job market. But is this just a cold day masking a larger trend of global warming?

Emma shares her thoughts on how the 2018 ABR initial certifying exam debacle may have initiated concerns that are driving decreased numbers of medical student applications to our field. Will programs commitment to cleaning without soap correct forecasts of radiation oncologist oversupply? 

We close our session with Q&A and, of course, a discussion of our favorite radiation oncologists.

We would like to extend a special thanks to the American College of Radiation Oncology for allowing us to record during their event and supporting our quest to produce balanced editorial content about the field of radiation oncology. Check out the ACROPOLIS Content Channel to check out all their supported digital properties. 

Podcast art generously donated by Dr. Danielle Cunningham. Intro and Outro music generously donated by Emmy-award winning artist Lucas Cantor Santiago.

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